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Lounge set SUNS Ancona

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The robust and charming SUNS Ancona Lounge set adds atmosphere to any garden. Its high quality construction materials are weather resistant and provide this lounge set with a warm and natural appearance.

    Water repellent cushions
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Lounge set SUNS Ancona


The use of teak and wicker make the SUNS Ancona Lounge set a cosy and comfortable corner lounge set. Its sturdy construction materials ensure that this is a lounge set that can withstand any weather and requires little maintenance. The water repellent

Setup / Sizes

Standard components in the SUNS Ancona Lounge set consists of four pieces: L-part left, L-part right, a corner piece and a matching lounge table. This set can be expanded by middle pieces and lounge chair. The corner piece can be replaced by a Big Corner unit for extra seating space.


Standard setup 4-parts with Big corner:

Length x width: 112″ x 112″ (285 cm x 285 cm)

Height: 30,5″ (77 cm)

Seat height: 17″ (43 cm)



Length x width: 37,5″ x 67″ (95 cm x 170 cm)

Height: 30,5″ (77 cm)

Seat height: 17″ (43 cm)


Middle piece:

Length x width: 28,5″ x 30,5″ (72 cm x 78 cm)

Height: 30,5″ (77 cm)

Seat height: 17″ (43 cm)


Lounge chair:

Length x width: 38″ x 36″ (97 cm x 92 cm)

Height: 30,5″ (77 cm)

Seat height: 17″ (43 cm)


Big corner:

Length x width: 45″ x 45″ (114 cm x 114 cm)

Height: 30,5″ (77 cm)

Seat height: 17″ (43 cm)



Length x width: 31,5″ x 31,5″ (80 cm x 80 cm)

Height: 14,5″ (37 cm)

Materials / Colors

The sturdy frame is made from certified teak and is available in natural or whitewash teak. This type of wood is strong, durable and of the finest of its types. Teak is maintenance free and turns to a natural warm grey colour over the years. The taupe/grey or white/grey wicker is made from round or half round synthetic twine and is strong, durable and weather resistant. Its high quality construction materials ensure a low maintenance lounge set that can be kept outside all year round. Its taupe/grey cushions give you great seating comfort and they are water repellent and able to handle the rain well.