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SUNS Enø – Lounge set – SUNS Blue Collection Zoom

SUNS Enø – Lounge set – SUNS Blue Collection

Lounge set SUNS Enø

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The straightforward sleek lines make lounge set SUNS Enø a true eye catcher. Designer Ed Van Engelen and SUNS have made the SUNS Enø a timeless as well as comfortable garden set.

    Water repellent cushions
    Stainless aluminium
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Lounge set SUNS Enø


In this design, sleek modern lines are combined with appealing, round shapes. This provides a timeless lounge set that is very attractive to the eye. The design, the high-quality materials and the finish make this lounge set a comfortable place to relax. SUNS Enø is also available as a sofa set with separate sofas and chairs. This garden furniture can be left outdoors all the year round.

The table top of the matching table comes in different variants. You can choose the warm colour of teakwood, the stylish appearance of Ceramic on Glass, or even the sleek design of HPL. It is also possible to combine this lounge set with one of the SUNS Redondo tables from the SUNS Blue collection.

Setup / Sizes

Lounge set is available as a 4-piece lounge set or 5-piece lounge set: 

4-piece setup:
Length x width: 94″ x 94″ (239 x 239 cm)
Height: 33″ (84 cm) 

5-piece setup:
Length x width: 123″ (313 x 239 cm)
Height: 33″ (84 cm) 

L-shaped part:
Length x width: 64″ x 34.5″ (162 x 88 cm)
Height: 32.5″ (83 cm)
Seating height: 17.5″ (45 cm) 

Centre section:
Length x width: 29″ x 34.5″ (74 x 88 cm)
Height: 32.5″ (83 cm)
Seating height: 17.5″ (45 cm) 

Length x width: 34.5″ x 34.5″ (88 x 88 cm)
Height: 32.5″ (83 cm)
Seating height: 17.5″ (45 cm) 

Lounge table:
Length x width: 35.5″ x 35.5″/63″ x 35.5″ (90 x 90 cm/159.5 x 90.5 cm)
Height: 14″ (35 cm)

Materials / Colors

SUNS Enø has an aluminium frame in the colour Matt White or Matt Royal Grey. The coating on the aluminium makes the garden furniture long-lasting and makes this lounge set easy to maintain. Due to the aluminium, the garden furniture is light-weight and therefore easy to move. The water repellent cushions are available in the colours Washed Grey and Anthracite.

The table tops are made of Ceramic on Glass, teakwood or HPL (a very durable plastic with an ornamented top layer). Ceramic on Glass has a natural marble appearance, teakwood is tasteful and warm, whereas HPL has a sleek and relaxed character. All materials are excellently wear-free and due to the use of high-quality finish, this lounge set can remain outside all year round.