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Lounge set SUNS Menor

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The tasteful and contemporary SUNS Menor Lounge set is a beautiful high quality lounge set. High quality materials such as aluminium, Fast Dry Foam and SensoTex make this set luxurious, comfortable and weather resistant.

    Water repellent cushions
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Lounge set SUNS Menor


The use of high quality materials and tasteful design make the SUNS Menor set a luxurious and modern corner lounge set. Its aluminium frame, covered in Fast Dry Foam and finished in SensoTex makes this lounge set resistant to all types of weather and e

Setup / Sizes

The standard components in the SUNS Menor Lounge set consist of 4-pieces: 2x  L-part right, hocker and matching lounge table. The setting can be expanded by a middle piece and a lounge chair.

Standard setup 4 parts:

Length x width:  98,5″ x 98,5″ (250 cm x 250 cm)

Height:  25,5″ (65 cm)

Seat height: 16″ (41 cm)



Length x width:  35,5″ x 63″ (90 cm x 160 cm)

Height:  25,5″ (65 cm)

Seat height: 16″ (41 cm)


Middle piece:

Length x width: 28' x  35,5' (72 cm x 90 cm)

Height: 25,5' (65 cm)

Seat height: 16' (41 cm)



Length x width:  35,5″ x 35,5″ (90 cm x 90 cm)

Height:  16″ (41 cm)


Lounge chair:

Length x width: 34,5″ x 38,5″ (88 x 98)

Height: 25,5″ (65 cm)

Seat height: 16″ (41 cm)

Materials / Colors

The aluminium frame is covered in Fast Dry Foam. The open cell structure of this quick-drying foam ensures that water can easily drain through it. The SensoTex finish has the same weather resistance properties as synthetics, but feels like fabric and is light, strong and easy to care for. The water repellent cushions provide great seating comfort and can easily handle a summery shower. The table top is fitted with tempered glass and is coated in the same colour as the aluminium frame.