Furniture Protector

Furniture Protector

Furniture Protector

Together, the Cleaner and Protector enhance the self-cleaning capabilities of the material.
    Environmentally friendly
    Suitable for various materials
    Strong cleaning effect
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Furniture Protector

The SUNS Furniture Protector with nanotechnology is a sustainable product for the protection of furniture made of hard materials, such as plastic, wicker, SensoTex, aluminum, glass and durable top. The SUNS Furniture Protector provides a long-term and active protection of the material, restores the appearance and ensures deeper color intensity through an active nano-protection layer. Thanks to the dirt-repellent and antistatic properties, the treated surfaces become self-cleaning.

Shake well before use! Only apply outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Apply the protector on a clean surface. Use SUNS Furniture Cleaner for cleaning. Spray small amounts over the surface. Rub immediately with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not treat more than 1 m2 at a time for optimum processing. If desired, rub for accelerated response. Product reacts completely within 8 hours and works for a long time. Processing temperature between 10 - 30 ┬░ C.

Causes skin irritation, use protective gloves. Keep out of reach of children.

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Content: 500 ml

Developed especially for cleaning and protecting various harder materials such as plastic, wicker, SensoTex, aluminum, glass and durable top.

With a nano-active layer, the Protector adds long-lasting protection for the material and a deeper color intensity.
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