Side table SUNS Redondo

Convenient side tables, available in both fully aluminium or with a teakwood table top. These tables are easy to combine with the garden furniture from the SUNS Blue collection.

    Certified teak
    Stainless aluminium
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Side table SUNS Redondo

Within the Blue collection, SUNS created a number of mood makers that give the beautiful garden furniture just that little extra. The round SUNS Redondo side tables are a feast for the eye and practical to use. The side tables are available in different measurements, as a result of which they are combinable as a set. The materials, such as aluminium and teak, can be found in the lounge sets and sofa sets of SUNS Blue, so they always fit.

Setup / Sizes
Product Combinations

Side tables SUNS Redondo are available in the measurements: 

Side table S:
Diameter: 44 cm
Height: 44 cm  

Side table M:
Diameter: 50 cm
Height: 50 cm 

Side table L:
Diameter: 60 cm
Height: 35 cm 

Side table XL:
Diameter: 80 cm
Height: 45 cm

The side tables are manufactured from a high-quality aluminium and are available in the colours Matt White or Matt Royal Grey. There is also a variant available with a teakwood table top. This natural material has a warm appearance and gradually ages under weather influences.


  • Matt royal grey

  • Matt white


  • Natural Teak