SUNS high-end materials



Water Repellent Cushions
SUNS understands that storing your cushions inside, in time, with every bit of rain is a little too much to ask. That’s why a lot of products from our SUNS collections contain water repellent cushions. Convenient, but beware: the pillows are water repellent, not completely waterproof. They may still get wet on the inside if you let them out in the rain for too long.

An extraordinary fabric. SUNS developed SensoTex: an advanced texteline that feels like a natural fabric, but has the weather resistance and durability of synthetic fabrics. SensoTex is light, strong and very easy to maintain and keep clean. The SUNS Red Collection is completely made with SensoTex, which gives it a sleek and modern look.

Fast Dry Foam
With the revolutionary Fast Dry Foam, your outdoor furniture is dry in no time! The open cell structure of this fast drying foam ensures that rainwater easily runs through and also provides an optimal circulation of air. Therefore, outdoor furniture with Fast Dry Foam is weatherproof.