Gazebo SUNS Maranza

Convenient, stylish and ready-to-use overhang for your terrace in several measurements. Flexible shutters give you the choice to either sit in the sun or in the shade.

    Stainless aluminium
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Gazebo, also known as SUNS Maranza, is the ideal ready-to-use solution for your terrace. With the different measurements, you can easily create the setup that suits you. The overhang is manufactured from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid construction. You can position it as stand-alone or connect it to an existing building.The gazebo is fitted with flexible shutters in the roof. This way you can always choose whether you would like to sit in the sun or in the shade. If the shutters are closed, you’re also sheltered from the rain. The rain water is drained via the legs of the construction. SUNS Maranza can also be fitted with side-screens (optional) to be nicely protected from the wind. Thanks to SUNS Maranza, the construction of a terrace roof is no longer a complicated and long-term building project: this is a smart solution with a long lifespan.

Setup / Sizes
Product Combinations

Gazebo SUNS Maranza is available in the following measurements:

Size M:
Length: 360 cm
Width: 350 cm
Height: 230 cm

Size L:
Length: 540 cm
Width: 350 cm
Height: 230 cm

Size XL:
Length: 720 cm
Width: 350 cm
Height: 230 cm

Gazebo SUNS Maranza is manufactured from solid aluminium in the colour Matt White or Matt Royal Grey. The overhang can be attached to existing constructions, as well as being positioned as stand-alone. The ‘roof’ is fitted with shutters as standard. Optionally there are side-screens available.


  • Matt royal grey

  • Matt white

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