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SUNS combines trusted quality with breakthrough innovations in material and construction. It results in four product lines. Four different faces. Designed to last. Experience our view on


SUNS has a clear preference for long-lasting materials. Teak, aluminium, rope and textilene add to the appeal of your garden furniture. SUNS products have been designed to be able to be left outside year round, however they will last longer if you place them indoors in the periods when not in use. And of course all natural materials may discolour over time, this comes with the charm of the product. You can count on the durability of SUNS even with intensive usage.


Quality is a matter of choice. In materials, in design and construction. Have you got the basics sorted out, than you will have to guard quality in every step of the production process. With years of experience in furniture production, SUNS knows how to realise and retain quality. This makes your product comfortable and reliable.


Form and function should melt together. In a piece of furniture to enjoy time after time. To relax in or just to watch it. A point of ease in garden, patio or terrace. SUNS takes design seriously. The result is outdoor furniture with a taste. Positive, authentic and just that little different. Enjoy!


Material, design, construction and production process. The past two decades SUNS dived deep into the art of furniture making. We thoroughly re-evaluated every aspect. And we never stop looking. SUNS is continuously improving to develop the most distinctive and attractive garden experience.