Sunsit Privacy Statement


We respect your privacy and process your personal data only for the purpose for which you provided them and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act/General Data Protection Regulation.


  1. Company data

Sunsit BV

De Ring 1

5261 LM Vught

073-684 05 02

CoC: 17267242

VAT No.: NL821483195B01


In this privacy statement ‘We’ refers to Sunsit.


  1. Website

When mentioning the website we refer to:, and


  1. Cookies & Google analytics

When you are using the website, the following cookies are commonly used: collecting and analysing of statistics (Google Analytics), which has no or few consequences for the privacy of the visitors of the website. These cookies are stored for about 6 months. We do not process full IP addresses and no full IP addresses or other data are shared with Google.


  1. Personal data

a)       General. We keep digital and/or physical files of our clients and relations. We process personal data for the implementation of agreements concluded with our clients and (insofar as there is no agreement for this) for the delivery of orders and the provision of information or advice to our clients and relations.

b)      What personal data? The personal data we process concerns the following data of our clients:

  • Name, address, place of residence, telephone number and email address
  • CoC number
  • VAT number
  • Other data we receive or process in the context of the assignment granted to us.

We store a minimum number of data from clients and only process necessary data.

c)       Accessibility. In principle every employee of Sunset has access to the personal data that is processed for clients or relations.

d)      Transfer to third parties. For the processing of personal data we use software that was made available by one or more third parties and for which they perform support services. We also use ICT service suppliers. It may occur that these entities also have access to personal data if this is necessary for the provision of support or maintenance. We do not pass on personal data to other third parties, unless this is necessary and useful for the implementation of the agreement or for what was mentioned before.

e)      Terms.We keep personal data for a period of (approximately) 7 years, taking as a minimum the term within which the tax authorities can request data or impose assessments or apply corrections. Private personal data, received from our clients for the implementation of warranty work, is kept for a period of 5 years maximally (being our guarantee period).


  1. Protection of personal data

Personal data is processed in a protected environment and stored within the European Union. To this end we have taken protection measures at various level. We evaluate the extent of protection periodically and update our protection policy if necessary.


  1. Right of the person involved

The person whose personal data we process (the person involved) has several rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation. In brief, it concerns the following:

  • The person involved can request inspection of the personal data that is processed of him,
  • The person involved has the right to rectify his personal data,
  • The right to demand deletion of the personal data,
  • The right to limitation of the processing,
  • The right to transfer personal data,
  • The right to object.

The exact content of these rights and any limitations of them are mentioned in the General Data Protection Regulation. We comply with what is mentioned on these rights in this Act.


  1. Complaint

If you think that your privacy rights are being violated, you have the right to file a complaint about this to the Personal Data Authority.


  1. Data leaks

If there has been an infringement with respect to personal data, we will notify this without unreasonable delay to the Personal Data Authority, unless it is not likely that this infringement with respect to personal data poses a risk to the rights and liberties of natural persons. If the infringement with respect to personal data is likely to pose a high risk to the rights and liberties of natural persons, we will immediately inform the person involved with the infringement with respect to personal data.


This privacy statement was last updated on 7 May 2018.