We use only durable, easy-to-clean and weather resistant materials such as aluminium, textilene, teak and wicker. All natural materials may discolour over time, and although all SUNS products have been designed to be able to be left outside year round, they will last longer if you place them indoors in the periods when you are not using them. A dry room is sufficient; it does not have to be heated.


Use ample water and a soft brush. Do not use any aggressive detergents or abrasive cleaners. Remove any 
spilt drinks or foodstuffs as soon as possible. Prevent products toppling over or sharp objects damaging your SUNS garden furniture.

Table tops

Do not cover teak, stone, Durable Top or polywood table tops with protective sleeves as this might cause permanent stains due to weathering and mould. Also, prevent objects that 
may directly or indirectly cause stains, such as ashtrays, plant containers, vases, etc. from being placed on the table for long periods. Do not place any hot objects like candles and hot pans on the table.


If you want to wash the cushions, please read the washing instructions first. SUNS water repellent cushions repel the water, but when exposed to water for a long time the inside of the cushion may still get wet. You should preferably store these cushions in a dry location as well.