Chaise longue SUNS Sorrento

Chaise longue


Chaise longue SUNS Sorrento

Lounge set with chaise-longue turns your garden into the ultimate lounge spot. 

Lounge set with chaise-longue turns your garden into the ultimate lounge spot. 

  • Durable aluminium
  • Fast Dry Foam
  • Premium rope
  • Sunproof®
  • Water repellent cushions
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Chaise longue SUNS Sorrento

As a lounge set, SUNS Sorrento impresses with its unique ropework design and incredibly generous cushions. This chaise longue set takes that one step further. This is the place you want to be. Comfort that is pleasant to the eye. Relax to the max.  

The inside of the generous cushions consists of Fast Dry Foam. That means they are very comfortable and dry quickly after a rain shower. The upholstery is made with Sunproof® fabric. This high-quality outdoor fabric is water repellent, mould resistant and weatherproof. And Sunproof® feels wonderfully soft as well.

Thanks to the high-quality materials, this sofa set can remain outside all year round. SUNS Sorrento is also available as a lounge set with a fixed corner layout.

Setup / Sizes
Product Combinations

2 seater sofa:
Length x width: 96 x 170 cm
Height: 91 cm
Seat height: 48 cm

Chaise longue:
Length x width: 190 cm x 80 cm
Height: 91 cm
Seat height: 48 cm

Length x width: 83 x 88 cm
Seat height: 48 cm

Lounge table L:
Diameter: 91 cm
Height: 26 cm

The set has a frame made of solid industrial aluminium. The frame is strung with rope in a fishbone weave. The ropework is made of premium quality acrylic that is particularly colourfast and resistant to all weather conditions.

The seats are equipped with Fast Dry Foam. This high-quality foam has an open cell structure that allows water to easily flow through it. In addition, it promotes air circulation. This means that the set dries quickly after a rain shower.

The cushions are finished with the premium outdoor fabric Sunproof®. This fabric is colourfast, resistant to all weather conditions and easy to clean. In addition, the fabric feels soft and is wonderfully comfortable to sit on.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the SUNS Sorrento can remain outdoors all year round. Practical!


Both the cushions and the ropework can be maintained with the SUNS Textile Cleaner and SUNS Textile Protector. The aluminium can be maintained with the SUNS Furniture Cleaner and SUNS Furniture Protector.


  • Matt royal grey

  • Camel sand

Sunproof® Fabric

  • Soft grey mixed weave


  • Fishbone weaving Camel sand

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