Dining chair SUNS Bellano

Dining chair


Dining chair SUNS Bellano

Charming dining chair with organic shapes, teak frame and large seat.

Charming dining chair with organic shapes, teak frame and large seat.

  • Certified teak
  • Quick Dry Foam®
  • Sunproof®
  • Water repellent cushions
  • Weatherproof
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Dining chair SUNS Bellano

The SUNS Bellano dining chair is a charming teak chair. The graceful round tub shape and stylish back and armrests create a luxurious look. The frame is made of certified teak with beautiful curves, yet with a sleek finish. The fabric runs partially around the frame, leaving the details of the teak frame visible.

Thanks to its generous depth and width, the SUNS Bellano dining chair offers very comfortable seating. The richly padded cushions ensure good support. 

The seat is finished with Sunproof®, a premium outdoor fabric that is weatherproof and wonderfully soft to the touch.

The SUNS Bellano dining chair seamlessly matches the design of the SUNS Bellano sofa set and combines beautifully with the SUNS Basta dining table or with one of the many other SUNS dining tables.

Setup / Sizes
Product Combinations

Dining chair:
Width x dept: 70 x 81 cm
Height: 90 cm
Armrest height (front): 63 cm
Armrest height (middle): 74 cm
Armrest height (back): 84,5 cm
Seat height: 52 cm
Seat dept: 49 cm
Seat width: 56 cm

The frame is made of certified teak. This premium teak wood is weather resistant and has a long life. Teak turns into a warm grey over time. This is a feature of the wood's natural character and part of its charm. 

The inside of the cushions also is made of Fast Dry Foam®. This high-quality material provides high seating comfort and has the property of drying quickly. Thanks to the open cell structure, (rain)water is quickly drained and air circulation is maximised. This helps the seat dry in no time after a rain shower. Nobody wants to sit on a wet cushion!

The cushions are finished with Sunproof®. This premium outdoor fabric is water repellent, weatherproof and colourfast.

Thanks to the use of these high-quality materials, the SUNS Bellano dining chair can be left outside all year round.


Over time, teak discolours into a pleasant warm grey. This is part of the natural character of the wood. We recommend maintaining the teak with the SUNS Wood Cleaner and SUNS Wood Protector.

The cushions can be maintained with the SUNS Textile Cleaner and SUNS Textile Protector.


Sunproof® Fabric

  • Natural Gravel


  • Natural

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