Dining chair SUNS Senese

Dining chair


Dining chair SUNS Senese

Elegant and spacious dining chair with a combination of teak and ropework.

Elegant and spacious dining chair with a combination of teak and ropework.

  • Certified teak
  • Premium rope
  • Quick Dry Foam®
  • Sunproof®
  • Weatherproof
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Dining chair SUNS Senese

Outdoors dinner in style. With its classic shape, elegant ropework and extra-wide seat, dining chair Senese is a feast for the eyes. The premium fishbone-weave ropework gives the chair a unique look. The extra-wide seat and comfortable cushions make this dining chair a faithful companion during lovely long summer evenings. 

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SUNS Senese is just a little wider than average. As a result, the chair has a luxurious and comfortable seat.

Width x dept: 65 x 77 cm
Height: 89 cm
Armrest height (front): 64 cm
Armrest height (middle): 70 cm
Armrest height (back): 83,5 cm
Seat height: 50,5 cm
Seat dept: 43 cm
Seat width: 53,5 cm

Dining chair SUNS Senese has a teak frame wrapped with premium acrylic rope. This rope is colourfast and weather and wear resistant, and it has a long lifespan. 

The seat and back cushion are finished with Sunproof®. This high-quality outer fabric is colourfast and has excellent water, UV and mould resistance. Thanks to the use of these quality materials, the SUNS Senese is weatherproof and easy to maintain and can remain outside all year round.


Over time, teak discolours into a pleasant warm grey. This is part of the natural character of the wood. We recommend maintaining the teak with the SUNS Wood Cleaner and SUNS Wood Protector. Both the ropework and the cushions can be maintained with the SUNS Textile Cleaner and SUNS Textile Protector.

Sunproof® Fabric

  • Natural Gravel


  • Fishbone weaving Camel sand


  • Natural

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