Low Dining chair SUNS Dolce

Low Dining chair


Low Dining chair SUNS Dolce

Spacious low dining chair with a classic touch and distinctive low seat.

Spacious low dining chair with a classic touch and distinctive low seat.

  • Fast Dry Foam
  • Premium rope
  • Steel frame
  • Sunproof®
  • Water repellent cushions
  • Weatherproof
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Low Dining chair SUNS Dolce

The SUNS Dolce low dining chair is stylish and extremely comfortable.

This Dolce chair has a lower seat than the average dining chair, matching the new trend of 'low dining'. It thus combines the practicality of the ordinary dining chair with the comfort of a lounge set. The seats are designed to allow you to sit upright as well as more relaxed.

The chair has a premium acrylic rope fishbone weave, which gives the chair an elegant look and pleasant seating comfort at the same time. The frame, made of stainless steel, features beautiful curves and is available in two colours: Camel Sand and Matt Royal Grey.

Low dining chair Dolce is excellent to combine with the SUNS Grado low dining table, which fits nicely thanks to its lower height and forms the perfect low dining set.

This dining chair also comes as a Dolce dining chair variant. The taller chair for sitting at an ordinary dining table.



Setup / Sizes
Product Combinations

Low dining chair:
Width x dept: 74 x 83 cm
Height: 86 cm
Armrest height (front): 58 cm
Armrest height (middle): 63 cm
Armrest height (back): 71 cm
Seat height: 48 cm
Seat dept: 50 cm
Seat width: 65 cm

The frame is made of stainless steel and finished with a high-quality powder coating that is available in various colours. This technique ensures a hard-wearing result and an attractive appearance.
The back and armrest are finished with premium acrylic rope, which has excellent weather resistance and a long life.

The cushions are finished with Sunproof®. This premium outdoor fabric is water repellent, weatherproof and colourfast.
Thanks to the use of these high-quality materials, the SUNS Dolce low dining chair can be left outside all year round.


Both the cushions and the ropework can be maintained with the SUNS Textile Cleaner and SUNS Textile Protector.
The stainless steel can be maintained with the SUNS Furniture Cleaner and SUNS Furniture Protector.

Sunproof® Fabric

  • Natural Gravel


  • Fishbone weaving Camel sand


  • Matt Royal Grey

  • Camel Sand

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