Suns dining

Can you think of anything more pleasant than having dinner together in the garden? Every SUNS collection includes complete dining sets or single dining tables and dining chairs. Easy to combine. In addition, all SUNS products focus on comfort, durability and easy cleaning.



Round, rectangle, with a scratch and wear resistant surface (durable top) or maybe even wood. At SUNS, we always have the perfect garden table for you. We have a range of possibilities at regular table height. In addition, we offer several lower and height-adjustable varieties. SUNS also offers the Cuvio Bar table. A high teak table with an individual look.

Dining chairs
Sitting is a personal thing. A good chair is supportive and comfortable. SUNS offers a range of dining chairs to be used outside. We have many different materials, designs and constructions. A distinction can be made between fixed chairs (such as SUNS Antas Dining Chair) and adjustable/folding chairs, such as the SUNS Parro Recliner. Choosing the right chair depends on your preferences and application. Feel free to browse through our collections.

It is the current trend to have a long bench on one side of the dining table as opposed to chairs. Easy to use for visitors and children’s friends who are joining for dinner. A bench at the dining table is a fun and compact solution. SUNS offers various possibilities, such as the SUNS Ovada BenchSUNS Bolano Bench or the SUNS Bueno Bench.