Comfort - Luxury - Relaxation

Discover the latest designs and materials for a relaxed outdoor lifestyle in the new SUNS collection: maximalist, generous and extremely comfortable. From stylish lounge and dining sets, canopies and daybeds, to mood makers such as rugs, cushions, vases and lighting. And with our YOU CREATE concept you can easily create your ideal setup.



Trends and highlights that you will see in the SUNS collection 2024 are: Terrazzo and marble-look table tops made of wear-resistant Neolith®, aluminum frames in the latest trend color camel sand and all-teak tables with organic or very sleek shapes. But also lounge sets with a completely aluminum frame or completely upholstered with a strikingly playful shape. Everything stylish and maximally weather resistant. Enjoy the outdoors!

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Would you like to view the SUNS collection 2024 at your leisure? In the latest SUNS catalog you will find no less than 226 pages full of inspiration for outdoors and indoors with our complete new collection of lounge sets, sofa sets, dining sets, accessories, lamps and canopies. Create your ideal outdoor space with SUNS!


Nature meets innovation

A striking feature of the SUNS collection are the Neolith® table tops, as was the case with the Palermo garden table and Vittoria sofa set last year. This year also used for the Sorolo garden table - a beautiful new design with a round table top and robust teak base.

The Neolith® table tops are made from 100% natural raw materials. The material is formed into a plate via an innovative process - sintering. The result is a very hard, impermeable and scratch-resistant material that is resistant to all weather influences: cold, heat, moisture, drought, ice and UV light. Neolith® table tops have a long lifespan, are available in various designs (Terrazzo and marble look) and retain their beautiful appearance.


Tough and elegant

SUNS has a number of sets in its collection with a frame made entirely of aluminum, such as the very popular Volar and Nardo product lines. The Evora is also available completely in aluminum. Thanks to its strong weather-resistant qualities, color fastness and long lifespan, aluminum is an excellent outdoor material. SUNS only uses high-quality industrial aluminum, made to last for a long time. Now also in the latest trend color: camel sand. There are also sets with a combination of aluminum and teak, such as the Kota. A very beautiful set of materials.


The latest trend

The latest trend when it comes to dining is 'low dining'. The comfort of a lounge set is combined with the practicality of a classic dining table. Because you sit lower, you experience unprecedented comfort at the dining table. And that invites you to sit and chat for hours. The SUNS collection now includes the lowered round Grado table and the lowered Dolce chairs.


Our designs focus on balancing comfort with luxury and the practical with the desirable.


Bring the inside out

The new Blocchi set is also certainly worth mentioning with its playful and striking design. This lounge set is fully upholstered. A real design object that literally brings out the atmosphere of a modern interior.

Blocchi is part of the SUNS You Create program, with which you can combine the various elements as desired and create your ideal set. The Blocchi series also offers a spacious daybed that you can place separately or integrate into the lounge set.


Charming as always

The latest teak designs are more stylish than ever. And also sustainably made with beautiful certified teak. A good example is the very spacious Vento lounge set, ideal for relaxing for hours with friends and family. Or the Erice garden table, a sleek design for the modern garden, with the warmth of teak.

In addition to sleek teak designs, we also find all-teak furniture with organic shapes in the 2024 collection. Round finished elements. Design that brings out the natural character of wood. Stylish and with a pleasant touch. Sets that optimally express this new style trend include Tagia, Bellano and Termoli.


Loungen to the max

Lounging is relaxing. The so-called 'deep seaters', such as the very stylish Aspen lounge and sofa set, respond optimally to this. With a generous seat and extra cushions you can create exactly your ideal seat. Relax upright or lie down. And also a sight for the eye.

High quality outdoor furniture, designed for relaxation.