What’s the power of SUNS?

SUNS designer Ed van Engelen explains: “SUNS is a brand that dares to stand out. By carefully anticipating on trends, within and beyond the outdoor furniture industry, we are able to create products and collections that fit the expectations of customers and are, at the same time, ‘just that little different’. You can recognize this approach in the new SUNS Grey Collection with both elegant and daring ropework.

My aim is to create products for SUNS that you can understand at the blink of an eye. In the end, people relate to what they know. As a brand or producer you can do new, unconventional things, but you will have to take small steps. A good example is the wooden placeholder for cushions we introduce this season. By placing the spindle in a loop behind the backrest, the cushion is firmly held in place. At the same time it is an elegant design element for the lounge set. You will find this cushion-holder throughout the collection (a.o. SUNS Stockholm, Oslo and Java lounge sets).

I think SUNS succeeds in developing its own style. And it is a great advantage to have a strong signature in this competitive industry!”

With his designs, Ed van Engelen contributed to the SUNS lounge sets: Evia, Eno, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.